Abiding by the following rules and regulations will ensure a safe and fun event for all riders.

Proof of Registration While Participating

Proof of registration is required at all times while on the Horribly Hilly routes. Proof of registration includes the visible display of both your bib number and the wristband provided when you enter the start corral. Your bib number should be worn on the back of your jersey.

Rest stop crews and course marshal staff will strictly enforce compliance with proof of registration. Failure to wear your bib and wristband will keep you from getting any support from rest stops or SAG/mechanical support and will result in forfeiture of post-ride celebration and/or future registrations.

Unauthorized / Unregistered Riders

Abuse of the system by bandits will not be tolerated. Don’t steal. Don’t encourage others to steal. Anyone found to be an unauthorized participant faces penalties up to and including prosecution.

You and your friends will be banned from future events if you are riding with friends that are not registered.

Rules of the Road

Horribly Hilly Hundreds is a bike ride, not a race. Please keep this fact in mind as you prepare.

All traffic laws must be followed at all times. Violators risk being cited or fined.

Please respect the residents and municipalities who have so graciously granted us the rights to ride through their communities. Plenty of resources are provided along the course. We will not tolerate violations of law. Acts of trespassing, public urination, disorderly conduct, etc., could lead to sanctions including an event participation ban and/or prosecution.

If riding an electric bike (e-bike), please be aware of the posted opening times for each aid station.